SEO Consultant

I’m a digital marketing and SEO consultant

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I’m a digital marketing and SEO consultant with the experience to create, implement and analyze results-driven, effective digital strategies

I can oversee the launch and continued success of your online operations, and I work alongside industry specialists to offer complete digital solutions.

I’ve been creating digital strategies for companies from a broad range of industries for nearly a decade. I can oversee your marketing campaigns from the initial planning to implementation, and despite my proven track record of success and vast network of satisfied clients, I offer a premium digital marketing / SEO agency service at compatible freelance prices.

Up to 50% of businesses that currently market online have no defined digital strategy, often running day-to-day campaigns with no clear aims in mind. However, by understanding your target market and ideal buyer persona before integrating your individual campaigns into a goal-driven strategy, you could realize profitable results by being smarter with your budget rather than increasing it.

I’m a results-driven digital marketing and SEO consultant with over a decade of experience in creating long-term digital strategies that work, and having helped startups, local business through to global corporations and governments, I know how to generate a return on your investment.